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Piotr Idzik

Piotr Idzik

email: p.idzik@knm.katowice.pl

SMS' talks given
About a certain nowhere convex function with a convex upper bound21.12.2016
About the nasty sequence of integrals27.03.2015
Crandall-Rabinowitz theroem and its applications23.09.2014
Maxwell's equations and optical waveguides04.10.2013
Dido's problem07.06.2013
A characterisation of the equilateral triangle25.03.2013
Attractors for semigroups in metric spaces10.05.2012
Object-oriented programming 429.03.2012
Object-oriented programming 312.01.2012
Object-oriented programming 209.12.2011
Object-oriented programming 118.11.2011
On a certain programming trick28.10.2011
A certain method of drawing the subsets of R³29.04.2010
Prime number products and hypercubes17.10.2008
highschool talks given
Game of coins27.03.2015
Mathematics and submarines11.04.2014
Implementation of the world in mathematics11.05.2012
Peculiarities of the [0,1] interval02.12.2011
Differential equations, i.e. arrows on the plane27.05.2011
Around the Riemann series theorem25.02.2011
Mathematics in the sky19.11.2010
A few words about finite state machines07.05.2010
A certain functional equation09.04.2010
Lots and lots of ways to draw a Sierpinski triangle04.12.2009
Plotting function graphs09.10.2009
When sinx=2 holds?29.05.2009
How to calculate sin(x)?03.04.2009
Geometric constructions19.12.2008
Mathematical primitives10.10.2008


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