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Silesian Scientists' Night
Katowice, Sept. 23th 2011


18.00 Piotr Idzik - How many people lived in the world?
The talk will try to answer this question. Some simple models of population growth, based on the theory of differential equations, will be presented.
20.00 mgr Łukasz Dawidowski - Pious Pi Picks Peach Pies Every one of us met with pi. We meet her not only in mathematics, where it is the students' nightmare, but it's everywhere where the circle appears and we often don't even know about its existence or meaning in our lives.
During the meeting I would like to explore the history, meaning and influence on all mathematics and natural sciences of pi, and discover the stories of a few famous scientists, who spent many years of their lives, broadening our knowledge apout pi.
The talk will have a form of a discussion with the participants, based on numerous media and some competitions regarding the topic of the meeting.

WORKSHOPS (17-22):

Scottish Cafe - Scottish Cafe is the place to sit with a tea, talk (not only about mathematics) with students and the workers of the university. And for pi-money obtained on other workshops one can buy PIes or tea.
Jigsaws&Puzzles - You won't bend your body here, but your mind and hands with the numerous logical and manual puzzles, 2D and 3D, we collected for you.
Labyrinth - The participants will play a computer game, and for their pi-money they will be able to buy a ticket and try to pass the mysterious maze.
Encryption - During the workshops the participants will hear the tale of the classical methods of enciphering and decyphering texts. We will also present some trivia regarding cryptology. And at the end everyone will face some ciphers in practice.
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