Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS
The 5th International Students' Conference on Analysis
Functional Equations
Szare, February 7-10th 2009

As usual ever since 2005, students and scientists of Silesian University and University of Debrecen have gathered to discuss various topics of mathematics. This year we all met in Szare near Węgierska Górka. Despite some problems with Polish railroads, everyone arrived safely. There were even several first-year students present at the conference. They survived.
Silesian Scientific Circle of Mathematicians has proven its ingenuity by *constructing* both the screen and the underlay, which then served us throughout all the conference.
We didn?t only listen to lectures. An excursion to brewery in Żywiec had been organized. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn?t an ordinary museum with purely historical talks ? there was enough space for some jokes and even for a travel in time.
In the evenings we also restrained ourselves from purely scientific discussions. Various games ? some having more in common with counting, some less ? were played, and even mathematicians have some polyglotic interests, which was proven one night when we indulged in a search for words similar both in Polish and in Hungarian. Some of us also went skiing, which arose some complications but overall went really well with no casualties.
The conference was complimented to be very well organized, what we were happy to hear. We are now waiting for the 6th ISCA and new talks, theorems, corollaries and new games of Jungle Speed ;-)

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