Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS
8th European Conference on Mathematical
and Theoretical Biology
Cracow, June 28 - July 2, 2011

The European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology

ECMTB is the biggest and most important conference on biomathematics in the world, taking part every three years, this year for the first time in Poland. Contrary to its name, the participating researchers are not only from Europe - this year approximately a half of the one thousand (sic!) participants arrived from other continents. It's a conference attended by the greatest scientists connected with biomathematics and theoretical biology. Thanks to the enormous kindness of the main organiser of the conference, professor Ryszard Rudnicki, a group from the Students' Mathematical Society of US (Paweł Zwoleński, Joanna Zwierzyńska, Mateusz Jurczyński, Szymon Draga, Daria Morys, Adam Wrzesiński, Marek Biedrzycki, msc. Weronika Siwek) could participate in the conference both by helping in the organisational matters and by attendance to the lectures.

There were talks from numerous different branches, including different aspects of mathematical modelling in immunology, tumor treatment, neurology, epidemiology, dynamical models, populational genetics and dynamics.

It is worthwhile to mention here that it is not common for students to participate in such a prestigious conference - the bigger are our thanks to professor Rudnicki, as it was a possibility to see the most modern applied mathematics at the highest level, to see with our own eyes the greatest specialists from many branches, know the newest directions of research in mathematics, in particular in mathematical modelling, and to participate in one of the biggest conferences in the world (approximately a thousand participants and over eight hundred lectures). This was an invaluable experience. And besides it was a great trip and we had very much fun ;).
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