Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS
Analytical and Computer Assisted Methods in Mathematical Models
Freudenstadt, 9-23 September 2012


In last year's September nine members of the Students' Mathematical Society US took part in the summer intensive mathematical course - Analytical and Computer Assisted Methods in Mathematical Models. For two weeks not only did we intensively learn mathematics, but we also made lots of new acquaintances with students and professors from several European universities, we went sightseeing, we learned about the culture and customs of people of other nationalities, we created a great, multicultural, well-tuned group. It was there we met Professor Wolfgang Reichel, who was our guest for a week in May. The ACAMiMM project is three years long, but unfortunately for us, the participants from the previous year, every student may take part in it only once.

This year the intensive course is held in Germany, Schwarzwald, in the city Freudenstadt, from 9th to 23rd September 2012. Its participants will learn four branches of mathematics: calculus of variations (with applications in elasticity and optimalization), functional equations and inequalities, generalized convexity and photonic crystals. The lecturers are exceptional specialists in those domains of mathematics, professors from several European countries. The course ends with an exam, but it is nothing to be worried about - last year all participants from our university passed it with the highest possible score. Moreover students show their ability to use the newly acquired skills in a practical context by preparing a group project on a chosen subject. All participants who pass the end exam get a honoured by US certificate, saying they passed a subject worth 6 ECTS points.

Is it worth it to go on the course? Definitely. Not only for mathematical reasons (even though one can learn a lot and earn 6 ECTS points in two weeks): it's a great experience, an opportunity to test one's English skills in practice, an occassion to meet lots of fantastic people... The list goes on and on. Moreover, the course is financed by the European Union - according to current information, participants' lodging, commuting and at least part of the catering costs will be reimbursed (the most recent information on this topic will be given under this announcement). In the "Other outings" subpage in the left menu we've uploaded over a thousand pictures from last year - one can see with his own eyes that the atmosphere during the course was great. As other attractions, evenings with presentations of culture, cuisine and music, along with a weekend in Strasbourg connected with a trip to European Parliament, are planned.

We would like to encourage all students from all years to participate - last year we had some participants from the first year and they did great. All questions may be sent to my e-mail address (j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl); applications may be also sent to this address. The deadline for applications is 8th July 2012. The results of the recruitment process will be announced shortly after. It's worth it!
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