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We want to invite you to read the mathematical paper [Macierzator], published by the Students' Mathematical Society of the University of Silesia.. You will find all the archival issues below. The newest issue is available (until we run out of it) in the Institute of Mathematics of University of Silesia (in particular in 524).

Some time ago the paper was reorganised, which changed dramatically its overall shape and what it contains. Moreover, since November 2009 [Macierzator] is compiled and printed in TeX format.

Due to Joanna Zwierzyńska's efforts, [Macierzator] has its own ISSN number: 2083-9774.

Those willing to write an article or participate in the creation of future issues in any way may contact us at macierzator@knm.katowice.pl.

Currently the paper is available only in Polish. If you want to read it in English, contact us on the aforementioned address and, who knows, maybe [Macierzator] will become international.
last update: 10.10.2016

Archive Issues:

pdfmacierzator_065.pdf6,298.9KB 2016, August
pdfmacierzator_064.pdf712.6KB 2016, June
pdfmacierzator_063pi.pdf2,873.2KB 2016, March
pdfmacierzator_062.pdf627.0KB 2016, January
pdfmacierzator_061.pdf373.8KB 2015, October
pdfmacierzator_060.pdf558.8KB 2015, June
pdfmacierzator_059pi.pdf3,509.5KB 2015, March
pdfmacierzator_058.pdf729.0KB 2015, February
pdfmacierzator_057.pdf774.9KB 2014, December
pdfmacierzator_056.pdf799.8KB 2014, November
pdfmacierzator_055.pdf6,065.5KB 2013, May
pdfmacierzator_054pi.pdf1,278.1KB 2013, March
pdfmacierzator_053.pdf1,061.0KB 2013, February
pdfmacierzator_052.pdf947.5KB 2013, January
pdfmacierzator_051.pdf484.2KB 2012, December
pdfmacierzator_050.pdf1,072.6KB 2012, November
pdfmacierzator_049.pdf872.5KB 2012, October
pdfmacierzator_048.pdf818.6KB 2012, June
pdfmacierzator_047.pdf769.1KB 2012, May
pdfmacierzator_046.pdf969.4KB 2012, April
pdfmacierzator_045pi.pdf873.7KB 2012, March
pdfmacierzator_044.pdf706.4KB 2012, February
pdfmacierzator_043.pdf835.0KB 2012, January
pdfmacierzator_042.pdf853.9KB 2011, December
pdfmacierzator_041.pdf919.6KB 2011, November
pdfmacierzator_040.pdf956.6KB 2011, October
pdfmacierzator_039snn.pdf638.1KB 2011, September
pdfmacierzator_038.pdf327.0KB 2011, June
pdfmacierzator_037.pdf492.4KB 2011, April
pdfmacierzator_036pi.pdf329.0KB 2011, March
pdfmacierzator_035.pdf187.0KB 2011, February
pdfmacierzator_034.pdf348.5KB 2010, December
pdfmacierzator_033.pdf270.3KB 2010, November
pdfmacierzator_032.pdf190.3KB 2010, October
pdfmacierzator_031snn.pdf284.8KB 2010, September
pdfmacierzator_030.pdf128.5KB 2010, May
pdfmacierzator_029pi.pdf525.9KB 2010, March
pdfmacierzator_028.pdf123.9KB 2010, February
pdfmacierzator_027.pdf137.6KB 2010, January
pdfmacierzator_026.pdf187.6KB 2009, December
pdfmacierzator_025.pdf171.5KB 2009, November
pdfmacierzator_024t.pdf191.6KB 2009, October
pdfmacierzator_024.pdf645.1KB 2009, October
pdfmacierzator_023.pdf474.7KB 2009, May
pdfmacierzator_022.pdf357.3KB 2009, April
pdfmacierzator_021pi.pdf652.8KB 2009, March
pdfmacierzator_021.pdf724.2KB 2009, January
pdfmacierzator_020.pdf661.8KB 2008, December
pdfmacierzator_019.pdf590.9KB 2008, November
pdfmacierzator_018.pdf601.0KB 2008, October
pdfmacierzator_017.pdf471.2KB 2008, April
pdfmacierzator_016pi.pdf293.4KB 2008, March
pdfmacierzator_016.pdf159.0KB 2008, March
pdfmacierzator_015.pdf194.1KB 2008, February
pdfmacierzator_014.pdf177.4KB 2008, January
pdfmacierzator_013.pdf222.5KB 2007, December
pdfmacierzator_012.pdf195.5KB 2007, November
pdfmacierzator_011.pdf183.2KB 2007, October
pdfmacierzator_010.pdf155.7KB 2007, June
pdfmacierzator_009.pdf209.2KB 2007, May
pdfmacierzator_008.pdf193.5KB 2007, March
pdfmacierzator_007l.pdf263.3KB 2007, January
pdfmacierzator_006.pdf215.8KB 2006, December
pdfmacierzator_005.pdf176.7KB 2006, November
pdfmacierzator_004.pdf199.7KB 2006, October
pdfmacierzator_003.pdf216.2KB 2006, May
pdfmacierzator_002.pdf219.0KB 2006, April
pdfmacierzator_001.pdf176.3KB 2006, January


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