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Joachim Horzela

Joachim Horzela

email: j.horzela@knm.katowice.pl

Author of countless talks for high school students. In academic year 2007/2008, amazingly to us all, he led the Mathematical Circle for eager students.
last update: 30.01.2011

SMS' talks given
Proofs from the Book24.01.2007
highschool talks given
Cauchy's inequality and its application in olympic tasks15.02.2008
The golden ratio of a segment07.12.2007
Fibonacci's sequence23.11.2007
Mathematical induction09.11.2007
highschool meetings
Complex numbers - revision16.10.2010
Application of complex numbers in OM problems of planimetry22.05.2010
Equations and inequalities, the geometrical interpretation of complex numbers15.05.2010
Introduction to complex numbers (algebraic and geometric motivation)08.05.2010
The quadratic function - applications in the problems from competitions06.03.2010
The quadratic function - theory and problems27.02.2010
Trygonometry - olympic problems20.02.2010
Trygonometry - interesting problems13.02.2010
Trygonometry - an introduction06.02.2010
The unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional part) - continuation16.01.2010
The unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional part) - continuation09.01.2010
The unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional part)19.12.2009
The Olympic Circle04.01.2008


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