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SMS and KNAL symposium
January 18th 2012

Once upon a time the president of the Students' Mathematical Society, while visiting an outgoing session of the Students' Society of Anthropology of Literature, voiced her wish to organise a meeting of Mathematics with the Literature - and thus an idea was born along with a concrete project of the Symposium of Students' Mathematical Society and Students' Society of Anthropology of Literature. For the topic of our first (as there will be others!) meeting we took space - the insane title of the symposium, The desire of space. Mathema and humanitas, formulated the president of the Students' Society of Anthropology of Literature.

During the planning phase we looked for any common grounds between the two theoretical systems, methods and trains of thoughts - and so, the space seemed to be a very good lead. Both of us decided that introducing the humanists to the trope of space in mathematics and outlining to the mathematicians the realization of space as felt and expressed in literature may create some field for understanding and discussion.

We were honored to have our symposium opened by a lecture Topological space of the exquisite (even though he loathes that word) mathematician prof. dr hab. Jerzy Mioduszewski, a topology specialist, invited heartily by both Societies. After the lecture we began a two-hour long discussion, led by Paweł Paszek - with the participation of, among others, dr hab. Leszek Zwierzyński, a great literati, interested mostly in interpretation, geopoetics and hermeneutics. During the discussion present representants of the human sciences pointed out the most important notions concerning the order and presentation of space in literature, understanding the space in each interpretation; they also introduced chosen points of views, which the modern theory of literature has about space. Creating a connected, coherent entirety was not symposium's purpose. It was an intelectually (and not only intelectually, thanks to Joanna Zwierzyńska for taking care of all the organisation) entertaining experiment, which pointed out many aspects of both sciences, which may be considered mutual.

Our first symposium was not the last. We will meet again in April and in the name of both Societies we invite you all already.
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