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Mateusz Szymański

Mateusz Szymański

ur.: 24.04.1991
email: m.szymanski@knm.katowice.pl
www: jakim.pl

SMS' talks given
Introduction to category theory, pt. 701.03.2019
Introduction to category theory, pt. 611.01.2019
Introduction to category theory, pt. 523.11.2018
Introduction to category theory, pt. 416.11.2018
Introduction to category theory, pt. 309.11.2018
Introduction to category theory, pt. 226.10.2018
Introduction to category theory19.10.2018
An introdction to category theory25.05.2018
Multiplying distributions19.01.2018
Measure of evenness of a function03.03.2017
On equations and equality04.11.2016
Geometric interpretation of basic tools in functional analysis21.11.2014
On Axiom of Choice, part I28.02.2014
Some mathematical sophisms, part 222.11.2013
Positional notation generalization25.10.2013
The degree criterion of series convergence18.01.2013
Introduction to fractional derivatives13.04.2012
highschool talks given
Some mathematical sophisms15.11.2013
Are there accidents in mathematics?04.10.2013
To see the fourth dimension24.05.2013
Abstract algebra08.03.2013
Introduction to abstract algebra01.03.2013
Introduction to game theory21.12.2012
What does computer know and what he will never learn, i.o.w. on Turing machines09.11.2012
highschool meetings
Circle: Group theory09.03.2013
Circle: Abstract algebra02.03.2013
Circle: Complex geometry, pt. II26.01.2013
Circle: Complex analysis19.01.2013
Circle: Applications of complex numbers in geometry14.12.2012


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(Koło Naukowe Matematyków Uniwersytetu ¦l±skiego)
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