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4th SMS' Summer Camp
Probability Theory Almost Everywhere

Szczyrk, August 31st - September 13th 2004

What a beautiful weather we had! A cute topic - both in humorous expression and in the science behind it. House near Olimpijska 56 street in Szczyrk could once again witness peculiarities that can be arranged by Students' Mathematical Society of US members only.

31.08. Tuesday
We arrived before 17. Five of us: Agnieszka, Renia, Dagmara, Michał Ochman and Rafał. We only started unpacking when we were visited by Marysia. While we were shopping, Roksana and Michał arrived. We played "Very stupid game" after dinner.

01.09. Wednesday
We made breakfast at eight - good customs should be introduced from the very beginning. Then we went through Beskid and Kotarz to Salmopol. When we got back it turned out that immediately after our departure Ania Gwóźdź arrived, left her bag and went trekking too. We made some beans for lunch. In the afternoon Ola and Paweł arrived almost simultaneously (they went From Bielsko through Szyndzielnia and Klimczok) along with Ola Aulak and Szymon. Our dinner was decorated by, known already to some, the pineapple salad. After dinner we player Murderer, Mafia and Psychologist - we were examined by Dagmara, Ola Aulak and Michał Ochman. Great fun!

02.09 Thursday
Roksana and Michał left after breakfast - for Holland :) And we went to conquer the Szczyrk centre - we went on a shopping spree. For dinner we had a courgette ragout and after it we entertained ourselves with scrabble and badminton.

Rafał tried to popularise the leading topic - a few times he told us about the beautiful probability theory (from the basics up to the Wiener process).

Aside from that:
  • Agnieszka Klama told us about problems that arise while determining probabilities on a countable set of events. She introduced the notions of the upper and lower limit of events, the Borel-Cantelli Lemma and she showed its application in a certain problem, which shows how far is our intuition from mathematical precision.
  • Szymon Głąb explained to us why is it not worth it to play unfair (in the sense of the expected value) games.
  • Włodek Fechner showed us his thoughts concerning a certain problem from functional equations and inequalities
  • For a transformation of the Euclidean plane of finite dimension not lower than 2 was an isometry it suffices for it to preserve one distance - this fact, along with a beautiful geometrical proof, was introduced by dr Tomasz Szostok.
  • Ola and Paweł derived the Conway formula, linked to the elementary problem "Whose heads/tails sequence will come up first?" The idea was very simple, but for sure it was not trivial.
  • dr Michał Machura, acively participating in all talks, told us what do we need topology for.
  • Wirginia described some spectacular problems of geometrical probability.
  • Renia told us about generating functions and their applications, both in combinatorics and probability.
  • Ola Aulak arised exceptional interest with her talk about the Bonus-Malus method, which uses Markov chains, applied in insurances.

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