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8th SMS' Summer Camp
Applications of differential equations

Zakopane, July 1 - 7th 2011


The VIII Summer Camp of the Students' Mathematical Society will take place on 1st-7th July 2011 r. in Zakopane. Our leading topic is "Differential equations' applications". During the camp we are planning a few hiking trips, a walk in Zakopane and an excursion to Aquapark (and, of course, a few talks ;)).

To book a place we have to know how many people will go with us - so sign up today! The trip will approximately cost 150 zł per person.

Price includes:
Lodging (probably in the Burtek hostel, burtek.pl, rooms with bathrooms)
Full board (breakfast and dinner in the hostel)
Entrance tickets to TPN, Aquapark (aquapark.zakopane.pl) and the bus rides in between

The price does not cover the travel costs from and to Zakopane.
The applications should be sent to Weronika Siwek (w.siwek@knm.katowice.pl) and Marek Biedrzycki (m.biedrzycki@knm.katowice.pl) before the end of March 2011 r.

Because of the necessity of booking the places earlier, the applications should be thought over (in case of cancellation we can't guarantee a refund).

We will speak about topics related to differential equations in biomathematics, physics, chemistry and other branches of science. Talks can include creating mathematical models and their analysis.

One may look for inspiration in the following books:
J.D. Murray, Introduction to biomathematics
A. Palczewski, Ordinary differential equations
W.I. Arnold, Mathematical methods of classic mechanics

As is traditional for our camp we encourage every participant to give a talk (for willing students of the first years of studies we will surely help to find a topic and prepare the talk).

We will inform about every changes on the spot (the schedule may be changed due to the weather, political alliances, organiser's humours, the (non)functionality of the trains;)). The schedule does not take the talks into account (we will speak about it on the organisational meeting on 1st July).

1st July ? Friday: departure from Katowice in the morning, checking in, lunch, organisational meeting, free time;), an evening for games, gossiping, singing, etc.
2nd July ? Saturday: breakfast (at circa 8.30), SURPRISING SURPRISE OF ULTIMATE SURPRISAL, return to the hostel at 16.00, dinner.
3rd July ? Sunday: breakfast (at circa 7.00), an excursion to the Filipek's Valley, a walk to the Wiktorówka Glade (a mass for those interested at 11.00) and Rusinowa Glade (a walking track without segments with chains etc. There is a beautiful view on the eastern part of Tatry from the Rusinowa Glade). Also, for those willing to go: the Goose Neck, Waksmundzka Plain, return to the Rusinowa Glade (a more exhausting fragment, but still verys imple). Return to the hostel at 17.00, dinner.
4th July ? Monday: a free day, for those willing to go a harder hiking trip (maybe Giewont? Maybe something more extremal ;))
5th July ? Tuesday: breakfast (at 7.00), excursion to Kuznice, walking through the Kalatówka and Kondratowa Glade to the Pass under the Kondracka Hillock, then through the ridge to the Kasprowy Wierch (through Goryczkowa Czuba), return to Kuźnice through Myślenickie Turnie (a bit more exhausting, but still to walk through by everyone). Return to hostel at 18.00, dinner.
6th July ? Wednesday: breakfast (7.30), excursion to Aquapark. Return to hostel (depending of how much fun we will have) at 16.00, dinner.
7th July ? Thursday: breakfast, ending of the camp, departure to Katowice.
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