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Who are we?

boardSilesian Scientific Society of Mathematicians exists for over twenty years. In the beginning it consisted only of students, fascinated by mathematics, but it was only allowing its members to go to mathematical competitions. In 1996 a group of people, led by doctor Adam Kolany and doctor Marek Szyjewski, decided to extend the scope of SSSM activities dramatically. The first meeting of the 'reanimators' was held on 24th October 1996 and since then the Society keeps growing. To the regularly held meeting, regular sessions were added, then lectures for high school students, publishing a newspaper, annual fund-raising, and so on. A few years ago we received our very own room, and since then we meet there everyday.

The main branches of the Society's activies are:

fractalsOf course, our activities are not necessarily of the mathematical kind. We meet several times a day, on every break between our classes, in the room no. 524. Apart from that we have our half-official meetings, like excursions to the cinema or theatre. We respect the fact that we are the Silesian SCIENTIFIC Society of Mathematicians, but it's more important for us to be the Silesian Scientific SOCIETY of Mathematicians.

Perceptive readers will notice that among our friends are also many current and former students of other universities, like Cracow University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, or Technical University of Lodz. Our meetings are also often attended by students from high schools, who are especially welcomed..

Apart from that, we are organising, jointly with our doctoral students, a very formal and serious international conference - International Students' Conference On Analysis. The conference is held annually, its place alternating between Poland and Hungary. Professors, doctoral students and chosen students of mathematics are presenting the results of their own research in functional equations there. Participants of ISCA are connected with the Institute of Mathematics of the Silesian University and of the University in Debreczyn. The lectures are given in English only.

There are many ways to be active in the Society. You can write an article, help during the Pi Days or one of our trips, give a lecture to the Society or high school students, or simply - go to our room and have a good time. See you there!
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Students' Mathematical Society of the University of Silesia
(Koło Naukowe Matematyków Uniwersytetu ¦l±skiego)
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