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XII SMS' Session
Invariancy means

Zarzecze, 15th - 17th November 2002

Session's Schedule
This time, with weather almost summerlike, we discussed the invariant means.
The participants arrived in the resort on Friday with our guests from the ŁódĽ University of Technology already waiting when the first of us arrived. After the Friday dinner Włodek and Żywilla introduced us to the topic, presenting the history of the topic, elementary notions and theorems. The proposition to call the groups allowing invariant means (ang. amenable, fr. moyenable) "submissive" was welcomed with great approval.

On Saturday, after Tomek's morning talk „Invariant mean and the existence of an invariant measure" we went hiking on nearby hills. Krzysztof managed to tell us about distributions before lunch, for which we had baked beans in tomato sauce and it was not caused by the foehn which kept slamming the windows and doors.

During the other Saturday talks we heard Grzegorz talking about the connection between invariant means and the stability of homomorphisms, Renata showed us an example of a non-submissive group - a free group with two generators, and Szymon presented the construction of the Haar measure.

Saturday evening was full of attractions, for example grill, a game of Psychologists and chosing of the topic for the spring session, which is "Fractals".

The session was ended with Rafał's Sunday talk, who presented a few facts concerning connections between the existence of invariant measures, submissivity and equi-spreadness.

Maria Kania
Renata Kawa
Anna Kula
Marta Maciejewska
Agata Nowak
Joanna Pawłowska
Żywilla Wcisło
Justyna Żuk
Michał Andrzejczak
Jakub Byszewski
Tomasz Bielaczyc
Lech Duraj
Włodzimierz Fechner
Paweł Gładki
Szymon Gł±b
Grzegorz Goldyszewicz
Paweł Gorzelak
Ireneusz Kmin
Rafał Kucharski
Krzysztof Ole¶

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