Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS

XVI SMS' Session

Ustroń, 7th - 9th May 2004

We had problems with this session from the beginning - we got too little money for the academic year, someone took our holiday resort in Szczyrk, and then it turned out that the majority of us either has something else to do, or has no time, or simply is not interested in the topic. Then we had the excellent idea to organise the session in Youth Hostel in Ustroń, where some of SMS members spent (also by chance) last New Year's Eve. The hostel had the advantage to be very cheap (even cheaper that in the US resort in Szczyrk) and had a three-side blackboard installed in a big and bright common room.
We arrived in Friday afternoon, made some shopping in Wisła and at about 5 o'clock we (Renia, Żywilla, Włodek and Rafał) began to welcome the newcomers (the list is in the bottom).

A few words about our entertainment: we had a pleasant Saturday trip to Orłowa - we had a little walk outside of any track, we ate bread with lard and cucumber on Orłowa and we witnessed the creation of a new musical style: Math Hip Hop (you can't describe it, you have to see, hear and feel it). In the evening, continuing into the night, a campfire was lit, sasuges were being grilled and guitar was playing. Whoever wanted could also sing.

We said our farewells on Sunday before noon - if you think the session was a little short, then you are right: Michał z Wirgini± were of the same opinion, so they made a small trip into the mountains.
One should also mention something about the mathematical part. And it is quite a tale, for the discussions were so intense that even the oldest members of SMS don't remember such. It started calmly: on Friday Renia told us about the most important notions of descriptive statistics, while Rafał spun his yarns and tried to convince everyone that he's talking about the least squares method.
Włodek began on Saturday with an experimental method of calculation of pi, based on a certain generalization of the Buffon needle method. It got hot when Wirginia started talking about the series test - we began testing. Michał Seweryn presented sequential approach to hypotheses testing and (at least for me - RK) it's a revelation. It's a pity we are not taught such things, but we have little statistical subjects, and you can't do everything on "Statistics 1". Tomasz Wesołowski gave an exhaustive (interpret it however you want) talk about technical analysis, stock-exchange, and in particular application of means and Bollinger bands in it. A heated discussion began. Agnieszka Klama led us to a happy ending (dinner?) and explained what the statistical tests are and what they are for, and also told us about the confidence intervals.

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