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XXV SMS' Session

Szczyrk, 28th - 30th November 2008

One can talk about mathematics in detail, or in general, or not at all. The XXV SMS session's participants placed their bets on the freedom of speech, choosing 'Numbers' as the topic. No, we didn't spend three days on counting pheasants, rams and other livestock.

After a succesful battle with unfavourable train and PKS schedules, the participants appeared in the well-known hostel, equipped with enough food to sustain a small army. Knowing that we are stocked up for a nuclear war, we started to deplete them, while integrating (in the social sense, not mathematical one) with the representatives from the Silesian and Kraków University of Technology. After settling ourselves in our rooms, we began the talks. Weronika Siwek proved to us, in various ways, that there are infinitely many primes (a fact which we used many times throughout the session). Piotr Sobieraj, fit as a fiddle (and merry like a bird), gave a talk about the SSL ciphering method. The traditional discussion traditionally went on until three A.M. in a traditionally diminishing squad - and traditionally that exact same squad was able to wake up for breakfast, which forms a counterexample for the "A man needs sleep for proper functioning" theorem. Armed with a scientific worker, dr Tomasz Szostok, we began the talks with renewed fervor. Jola Marzec gave a talk about the perfect numbers - more perfect than the others, that is ;) Next, worthy of his status as the first year students' representative, Szymon Draga gave a talk about the Dedekind cuts - and we can be sure that Dedeking would be proud (we were). Convinced that the poor real numbers really exist, we listened to dr Szostok's talk about functional equations. The beauty of the transformations and substitutions blinded those more sensitive of us, but it was no obstacle in the lunch preparations - or, in the case of some of us, in taking a walk about Szczyrk.

Smell of delicious rice and aura of enormous intelligence around ous hostel attracted dr Adam Kolany with his family. When the rice became memory, mrKolany began his talk concerning natural numbers. As it appeared, Szymon's assumption that the natural, integer and rational numbers exist is not necessarily true ;)

After those macro-scale considerations about infinities, we returned to basics and small things. Piotr Idzik's talk concerning quark numbers reassured us that we are never alone - at least our quarks aren't. Comforted with this, we listened to a made in Kraków talk, performed by Piotr Pokora, concerning quantum computers. It's interesting, how much you can do equipped with some chloroform.

Łukasz Soliło awakened our inner children with a talk about coloring the plane. Our inner children are quite strange, coloring complex planes - it looks like the future of our nation is at least partly imaginary.

The talking cycle was officialy ended by Tomek Pawlik with a talk about Pythagoras' and Plato's understanding of the concept of number. During the cross-examination of mathematical and repeatedly quite weird observations and associations, Tomek emerged undefeated, which may be a beginning of a collaboration between SMS and the Institute of Philosophy of Silesian University ;)

After dinner a democratic voting decided that the topic of our next session would be "Equations and inequalities". We are all curious about the philosophical talk concerning this topic ;)

Of course, we wouldn't be ourselves if we would just go to bed then. We had many things to think about, also thanks to Szymon, who stunned everyone with a terrifying limit. We didn't lose our tempers, which is proven by the fact, that we spent our way back on telling mathematical jokes and even participating in one created on the spot.

Traditionally the great cleaning was made nicer by the awareness of food, that will probably arrive to the Society's room now. Some parts of it were individually taken care of. Satisfied with his ration, consisting of two cottage cheese packages -

Mateusz Jurczyński
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