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XXX SMS' Session
Pathologies and paradoxes in mathematics

Szczyrk, 29th Apr - 3rd May 2011

Students' Mathematical Society kindly invites all interested to take part in an outgoing session which takes place in Szczyrk on 29th April - 3rd May 2011 (Friday - Tuesday). The leading topic of the conference is "Patologies and paradoxes in mathematics".

Some organisational issues:

We accept applications up to 20th April 2011.

Topics of the talks should be sent before 25th April 2011.

The cost of the conference (exclusive of the drive) is estimated at 90 zł (board and lodging are included). Payments should be made before 22nd April 2011 (if you want to do it via bank transfer, contact us at j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl).
If you resign after 25th April 2011, you will not get a refund, as we have to buy all the food etc. earlier.

If you want to go only for a part of the session, the cost will be 20*n, where n is the number of days you will be present. Our main lecture day will be Monday, 2nd May 2011.
You can give us your nutrition preferences, as far as they are in reasonable limits, because we cook ourselves.

Conference, as is our tradition, will take place in the holiday resort of Silesian University in Szczyrk, on 56 Olimpijska street. You can get there by going by train to Bielsko, then by PKS to Szczyrk (direction: Salmopol or Biały Krzyż (the White Cross)), then getting out on the Szczyrk - Wodospad (Waterfall) bus stop (third after the Szczyrk centre) and going a few minutes by the road to the left of the street the PKS was going by, immediately before the bus stop itself - that is Olimpijska street. You can check the exact route on the map.
If you are not sure if you will find the place by yourself, you can contact us (knm@knm.katowice.pl). A few days before the trip, when we know exactly who will go, a group of people (with at least one of them knowing the way) will be chosen. If someone is going by car, please inform us about it, so that the empty seats in the car could be used.

You can sign up for the trip by informing any member of the Society - we can be easily found in the 524 room. You can also mail us at knm@knm.katowice.pl">knm@knm.katowice.pl.

In Szczyrk we get the dishes and a bedding. However, if there are more participants than beds, then people who enrolled last will need to take a carrimat and a sleeping bag with them - those poor souls will be informed earlier. It?s a good idea to have your own mug
(really practical if there is a lot of people). We remind you also to take a raincoat, warm clothes and a pair of shoes suitable for a mountain trip; if weather permits, maybe we will organise a longer one (of course, for willing only).

We assume it is a scientific session. A participance in the conference doesn?t oblige you to give a talk, but it will be welcomed. The leading topic is "Mathematics and information technology". A talk doesn't need to be neither long nor very complicated mathematically, it can refer to other fields of science as well.

Number of places is limited, so please hurry ;). Please, inform us whether you are going to give a talk and add its topic, if it is the case.
Any questions, remarks or suggestions should be sent to knm@knm.katowice.pl.
See you in Szczyrk!
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