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XXXII SMS' Session

Szczyrk, 1st - 3rd June 2012

The Students' Mathematical Society would like to invite everybody to take part in the outgoing session of SMS in Szczyrk, which will take place on 1-3 June 2012. Our leading topic is "Algorithms".

Some organisational info:

One can sign up up to 30th May 2012.

Topics of the talks should be given before 30th May 2012.

Cost of the session for one person is 60 zł (accommodation+full board). Payments should be made by 30th May 2012 (one can do it with a bank transfer - pleace contact e.g. on j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl).

Cost of the session for a self-catered person is 30 zł.

Attention! We need to pay for accommodation and food in advance. Hence if someone resigns from participation after 30th May 2012, he will not get a refund (as we will not have it anymore - no ill will from our part).
  1. The session is assumed to be scientific in nature. While giving a talk is not obligatory, it is highly recommended. We encourage everybody to read the list of proposed topics. As the exam session is upon us, this once we change the traditional schedule of our trip to Szczyrk. Instead of a talk day on Saturday, we will have a trip then (for those eager to do so), while the talks will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings.

  2. As is our tradition, the conference will take place in the Holiday Resort of University of Silesia in Szczyrk, on Olimpijska street 56. How to get there: a train to Bielsko, then a bus to Szczyrk (in the direction of Salmopol or the White Cross [Biały Krzyż]), we get out at the bus stop Szczyrk - Waterfall [Wodospad] (third after the centre of Szczyrk) and walk several minutes a little bit uphill on the street on the left hand side of the road where the bus went, immediately before the bus stop itself. That street is Olimpijska. One can also look at our map.
    If somebody is not certain whether he will get there by himself, please contact us (joanna@knm.katowice.pl). On several days before the trip, when we know the final composition of people, a group is chosen, where at least one person knows the way ;). If somebody will be driving by car, please tell us so in advance, so that we can use the empty space in the car.
  3. One can sign up for the conference with every member of the Society - it is easiest to find us in room 524. You can also write an e-mail at j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl.
  4. In Szczyrk we get the dishes, bedding and a bed. If there are more participants than bed (which never happened, but better safe than sorry), then people who signed up the latest will need their carimats and sleeping bags - the unlucky ones will be contacted earlier. One can also take his own mug (it's quite practical when there's plenty of people around). We also remind everybody to take something waterproof and warm and shoes suitable for a mountain trip - if the weather is nice, a longer excursion (for those eager to do so) is possible.

Applications are accepted until we run out of places. Please provide information whether or not you give a talk, and in the first case also its title. It's highly encouraged to contact us about participation in the session as soon as possible.

All questions, remarks and suggestions may be sent to j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl. See you in Szczyrk!
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