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Number theory and cryptography

Szczyrk, 23rd - 25th November 2012

The Students Mathematical Society invites everyone interested to participate in the SMS Outgoing Session in Ustroń, which will take place on 23-25th November 2012. The leading topic of the session is "Number theory and cryptography".

Some organisational information:

The deadline for applications is 10th November 2012.

The topics for talks should be given by 15th November 2012.

The estimated cost of the session for one person is 60 zł (including accommodation and food). Payments should be made by 10th November 2012.

Attention! As you can see, this time we are living in a different place than usual. Part of the lodging and food costs need to be paid in advance. Therefore if someone resigns from the session on 15th November or later, he will NOT get a refund (as we will not have the money anymore - there are no evil schemes on our parts here).

The session is assumed to be scientific in nature. Participation does not oblige you to give a talk, but you are heartily encouraged to do so. A list of proposed topics will appear shortly.

Our session will take place in a different than usual place - in Ustroń, in the "Wiola" hostel. Recommended way of getting there will be uploaded shortly.

If you want to participate in the session, say it to any member of the Society - it's easiest to find us in room 524. You can also contact us by e-mail.

Applications are accepted until we run out of space. Please provide information whether you are planning to give a talk and, in the first case, what's its title. It's encouraged to submit your application as quickly as possible.
last update: 09.11.2012


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