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Tomasz Kochanek

Tomasz Kochanek

One of the most talented members of the Society in its history, acquired sixth place in the Vojtech Jarnik International Mathematical Competition in Ostrava (2005). He participated in all Society's activities. His talks (also for high school students) were commonly thought to be one of the best. Currently a doctor of mathematics and the Society's tutor.
last update: 30.01.2011

SMS' talks given
Banach algebras and spectral theory 406.01.2012
Banach algebras and spectral theory 316.12.2011
Banach algebras and spectral theory 202.12.2011
Banach algebras and spectral theory 125.11.2011
Krein-Milman theorem and its applications27.05.2011
Haar measure and integral13.05.2011
Complex analysis 215.04.2011
Complex analysis 108.04.2011
Probability and measure17.12.2010
Combinatorics 203.12.2010
Combinatorics 126.11.2010
Classical analysis19.11.2010
Linear Algebra29.10.2010
Number Theory15.10.2010
A few extraordinary inequalities06.10.2010
Proofs from the Book: an example of the Erdős probabilistic method's application09.05.2007
Proofs from The Book25.04.2007
Proofs from The Book: Cotangens and the trick of Herglotz13.12.2006
Proofs from The Book25.10.2006
Hewitt spaces12.05.2004
The Olympic Projection05.12.2003
highschool talks given
Combinatorial Nullstellensatz. An algebraic killer of combinatorics 206.01.2012
Combinatorial Nullstellensatz. An algebraic killer of combinatorics16.12.2011
Gaussian ring and its applications11.02.2011
Prime numbers as sums of squares03.12.2010
The lines' quantity problem04.01.2008
From the probability to Riemann's function and Euler's trick13.04.2007
The (almost) most important function in mathematics23.03.2007
Shapiro's inequality08.12.2006
Magic of recursion06.01.2006
What can one see in Pascal's triangle?18.03.2005
Universal Turing Machine19.11.2004
Pigeon hole principle21.11.2003


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