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Mathematical Puzzles 2011

We've uploaded the first part of the Jigsaws competition - rebuses. The second (and thus final) part will appear on our website on 4th March 2011. Have fun!
  1. Problems differ in difficulty, some may be solved by a junior high school pupil, other require knowledge from outside the high school programme.
  2. Rebuses will be available at knm.katowice.pl on 26th February 2011. Second part - with problems - on 4th March 2011.
  3. Solutions should be mailed to the address lamiglowki@knm.katowice.pl before 10th March 2011 inclusive. Contact data (first and family name of the candidate along with the name and number of the school) of the participant should be included.
  4. Six people who score the most points will be rewarded. In case of the same result among a few people, they will be rated ex aueqo. No extra-time is considered nor does it matter who mailed the answers first.
  5. The results of the competition will appear at the website of the Students' Mathematical Society of University of Silesia in Katowice, knm.katowice.pl, on 13th March 2011.
  6. The winners will receive prizes, which will be awarded during the Pi Days, more accurately - 15th March 2011 in the Rialto Cinema. More information about Pi Days is available at swietopi.pl.

last update: 09.03.2011

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