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The Circle meetings are currently suspended. We advise the high school students interested in the Mathematical Olympiad or similar competitions to participate in the Society's Problem meetings, during which we collaboratively solve problems from various contests (mainly from competitions for mathematical students and olympiads, also international). The meetings take place under scientifical patronage of the SMS' tutor, doctor Tomasz Kochanek.

topics in the academic year 2012/2013
Mateusz SzymańskiCircle: Group theory09.03.2013
Mateusz SzymańskiCircle: Abstract algebra02.03.2013
Mateusz SzymańskiCircle: Complex geometry, pt. II26.01.2013
Mateusz SzymańskiCircle: Complex analysis19.01.2013
pdfMateusz SzymańskiCircle: Applications of complex numbers in geometry14.12.2012
Beata ŁojanThree Greek problems19.11.2012
Marcin FryzOlympic circle27.10.2012
Marcin FryzOlympic circle14.09.2012
pdfMarcin FryzOlympic circle: polynomials24.08.2012
Marcin FryzOlympic circle: combinatoric tales17.08.2012
Marcin FryzOlympic circle: surprise09.08.2012
topics in the academic year 2011/2012
jpgpdfMarcin FryzOlympic circle: Functions22.06.2012
jpgMarcin FryzOlympic circle: Geometry. Angles in a circle15.06.2012
Marcin FryzOlympic circle: Geometry. Congruence of triangles08.06.2012
Joanna ZwierzyńskaMathematical circle: Sequences. Mathematical induction25.05.2012
Joanna ZwierzyńskaMathematical circle: Sequences18.05.2012
Beata ŁojanComplex numbers 223.01.2012
Beata ŁojanComplex numbers12.12.2011
jpgpdfBeata ŁojanDiophantine equations21.11.2011
pdfBeata ŁojanCongruences14.11.2011
topics in the academic year 2010/2011
Joachim HorzelaComplex numbers - revision16.10.2010
topics in the academic year 2009/2010
Joachim HorzelaApplication of complex numbers in OM problems of pla...22.05.2010
Joachim HorzelaEquations and inequalities, the geometrical interpre...15.05.2010
Joachim HorzelaIntroduction to complex numbers (algebraic and geome...08.05.2010
Jolanta MarzecPolynomials - continuation24.04.2010
pdfWeronika SiwekFunctional equations17.04.2010
pdfJolanta MarzecPolynomials10.04.2010
pdfJolanta MarzecMathematical games and logic puzzles - continuation27.03.2010
pdfJolanta MarzecMathematical games and logic puzzles20.03.2010
Joachim HorzelaThe quadratic function - applications in the problem...06.03.2010
Joachim HorzelaThe quadratic function - theory and problems27.02.2010
Joachim HorzelaTrygonometry - olympic problems20.02.2010
Joachim HorzelaTrygonometry - interesting problems13.02.2010
Joachim HorzelaTrygonometry - an introduction06.02.2010
Joachim HorzelaInequalities30.01.2010
pdfJolanta MarzecInequalities23.01.2010
Joachim HorzelaThe unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional pa...16.01.2010
Joachim HorzelaThe unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional pa...09.01.2010
pdfJoachim HorzelaThe unknown functions (signum, entier, fractional part)19.12.2009
jpgpdfJolanta MarzecCombinatorial geometry - colouring12.12.2009
jpgJolanta MarzecMathematical induction - part 221.11.2009
jpgpdfJolanta MarzecMathematical induction14.11.2009
jpgpdfJolanta MarzecDiophantine equations24.10.2009
jpgpdfJolanta MarzecCongruences10.10.2009
topics in the academic year 2007/2008
jpgJoachim HorzelaThe Olympic Circle04.01.2008


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