Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS

II SMS' Session

Zarzecze, 7th - 11th October 1997


7 X 97

14:58 Departure from Katowice.
18:00 Arrival in Zarzecze. Lodging in.
19:30 Beginning of the session with dr Adam Kolany's talk
"Retirements - someone is being a fool here!"
20:30 Supper.
21:00 Free time.

8 X 97

9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Beginning of the pre-lunch session - talks.
14:00 Lunch excursion.
16:00 Afternoon session - talks.
20:30 Discussion: "Should law dictate us the borders of our freedom"

9 X 97

9:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Sightseeing. Lunch.
16:00 Afternoon session - talks.
19:00 Discussion: "Dangers of the left thinking - why socialism didn't make it"
20:30 Grill.

10 X 97

9:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Beginning of the pre-lunch session - talks.
14:00 Lunch excursion.
16:00 Afternoon session - talks.
19:00 Supper
20:30 Discussion: "Country - a strict sheriff and judge, or a good Uncle Sam"

11 X 97

10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Summing up the session. Dr Marek Szyjewski's talk "Borders of linear models"
12:00 Packing and cleaning.
16:00 Departure for Katowice.

Radosław Czaja
Piotr Elfinger
Włodzimierz Fechner
Agnieszka Furmankiewicz
Tatiana Korzeniowska
Grzegorz Łuc
Bibianna Sonelska
Izabela Papuga
Justyna Stefaniak
Michał Trzęsiok
Marek Szyjewski
Adam Kolany
Michał Kolany

W. Fechner, J. Stefaniak"Market balance models. Models of market and national income. Models of circulation and Leontiew results"
T. Korzeniowska "Applications of differentiation in the comparative statistics analysis"
A. Furmankiewicz, B. Sonelska,M. Łuc "Optimalisation. Optimal choice of the moment of action. Combinations of circulation guaranteeing minimal costs"
A. Kolany "Economical applications of integrals."
R. Czaja, I. Papuga "Market prices dynamics. Domar and Solow models of increase. Market models with price expectations. Interdependence of inflation and unemployment"
M. Szyjewski, M. Trzęsiok "Discrete time. Dynamical stability of balance. The spider web model. Model of a market with reserves. Inflation and unemployment in discrete time. Dynamical models of circulation and results"
P. Elfinger "Linear and nonlinear programming. The simplex method. Economical interpretation of the dual problem. Kuhn-Tucker and Arrow-Enthoven theorems."

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