Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS

XX SMS' Session
Discrete mathematics

Szczyrk, 29th Apr - 2nd May 2006

Our Jubilee Session was held without any great celebrations, but we think, that our numerous participants were not to complain. The eager tourists went trekking, not minding the fog, rain and snow on the tracks, while those preferring social entertainments also found many attractions. The participants liked the topic, which was proven by the number of talks and universities, representatives of which we had the pleasure to welcome.

  • (First day) Basics of the graph theory (Ania Bień)
  • Hall's marriage theorem (Małgorzata Łabuz)
  • Matroid theory (Tomasz Kania)
  • Logic and set theory antynomies (Mateusz Sosnowski)
  • Hilbert's problem (Tomasz Wiewiórka)
  • Dilworth's theorem (Filip Strobin)
  • (Second day) How to calculate compact forms of sums? (Anna D±browska)
  • Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography (Michał Gnacik)
  • Generating functions I (Monika Wi¶niewska)
  • Generating functions II (Grzegorz Wyłupek)
  • Ramsey's theorem. Ramsey's numbers (Piotr Jan Szewczak)
  • Cayley's theorem - how many trees with given number of vertices are there? (Wirginia Wyrobek)
  • Methods of solving many-parameter recursions. The Joseph Flavius' problem (Michał Farnik)
  • How to sum divergent series? (Michał Seweryn)

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