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XIX SMS' Session
Galois theory

Szczyrk, 10th - 13th November 2005


It has been a long time since we had a session with an algebraic topic. But the time has come for changes. The XIX SMS session was exceptionable also because of an extension of the list of places we had our guests from. And so, our participants were students of mathematics from: Jagiellonian University, Kraków University of Technology, Pedagogical Academy in Kraków and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński's University in Warsaw.

The topic does not need to be advertised, and if someone doesn't know what the Galois theory is about, he should look to the "Field theory" book by Jerzy Browkin, which was an elementary reading for session's participants.
Below are the talks and the talkers:

  1. Introduction (Grzegorz Bartosz & Renata Kawa)
  2. Algebraic extensions of fields (Agnieszka Klama)
  3. Galois extensions (Tomasz Kochanek & Michał Farnik)
  4. Fundamental theorems of Galois theory (Władek Sobczak)
  5. The Galois group of a polynomial (Ola Godłowska & Paweł Borówka)
  6. Solvability of equations in radicals (Piotr Szewczak)
  7. Geometric constructions (Pola Siwek)

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