Koło Naukowe Matematyków U¦ PL SMS

XXIV SMS' Session
Applications of mathematics

Szczyrk, 30th May - 1st Jun 2008

We kindly invite all interested people to take part in another conference organised by Students' Mathematical Society of Silesian University. The leading topic of the spring session is devoted to Applications of Mathematics. I and II year students are especially welcome.

Some organizational issues:
  • As usual, the conference will take place in the Silesian University holiday resort in Szczyrk, next to Olimpijska Street 56. We are going on Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday afternoon. The whole cost is estimated at 50 zł (supposingly it will be cheaper and then we give back the rest). The drive is on your own.
    Drive details: a train to Bielsko -> a bus to Szczyrk (towards Salmopol or White Cross), we get off at Szczyrk-Waterfall bus stop (the third one after the centre of Szczyrk) and walking about 10 minutes. How to reach the goal you can read at mapki.
    If someone doubts whether he will find his way himself, please, mail to knm@knm.katowice.pl. A few days before the trip (when all participants are known) we will try to delegate a ?guide”.

  • Of course, there should be some talks, so it would be nice if somebody volunteered for giving one concerning the leading topic.

  • In order to take part in the conference mail to grzegorzjanbartosz@wp.pl or knm@knm.katowice.pl, or visit us at room no. 524.

  • In Szczyrk we get the dishes and a bedding. You don?t need to take it yourself, but it may be practical to have your own mug. What?s more, we hope the session will be attended by so many people that we will have more participants than beds. Then the priority is given to those who enrolled earlier. Other people should take a carrimat with them (but those poor souls will be informed by mail).
    CAUTION!!! Participance in the conference doesn?t oblige you to give a talk (however, we encourage you, as it is a very useful experience).

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  • Contact:

    Students' Mathematical Society of the University of Silesia
    (Koło Naukowe Matematyków Uniwersytetu ¦l±skiego)
    40-007 Katowice, ul. Bankowa 14 (room 524)
    tel. (032) 359-20-96, email: knm@knm.katowice.pl