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Our meetings

We meet everyday in room No 524, on almost every break between lectures, so approximately every 45 minutes :-) Everyone eager to discuss some interesting mathematical problem, feeling a sudden and irresistible urge to become active in the Society, or simply wanting to talk, drink some tea or eat a sandwich are sincerely invited.

More formal meetings are organised whenever the need arises; when a member wants to share some of his thoughts, an appropriate memo appears (at least, it should appear ;)) on the Internet. Members of the Society (and everybody else) should feel free to give a talk on any mathematical topic during the meetings. Previous meeting topics are listed below.

Currently except for typical talk meetings we organise two types of cyclic meetings. First of all, approximately once every two weeks we meet and solve various interesting problems from mathematical competitions. The meetings, called shortly the Jarnik meetings, are held under the tutelage of dr Tomasz Kochanek, SMS' tutor. The second cycle was begun by dr Michał Machura, who proposed to read Issak Yaglom's book A simple non-euclidean geometry and its physical basis. Members of the Society present respective chapters from the book circa every two weeks.

Feel free to join us!
last update: 21.12.2014

topics in the academic year 2018/2019
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 701.03.2019
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 611.01.2019
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 523.11.2018
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 416.11.2018
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 309.11.2018
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory, pt. 226.10.2018
Mateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to category theory19.10.2018
topics in the academic year 2017/2018
Mateusz SzymańskiAn introdction to category theory25.05.2018
Mateusz SzymańskiMultiplying distributions19.01.2018
topics in the academic year 2016/2017
Mateusz SzymańskiMeasure of evenness of a function03.03.2017
Piotr IdzikAbout a certain nowhere convex function with a conve...21.12.2016
Prof. Aleksandr I. ZeifmanContinuous-time Markov Chains and Models. Properties...23.11.2016
Mateusz SzymańskiOn equations and equality04.11.2016
topics in the academic year 2015/2016
Hanna ĆmielWhat do trees say about intuinitionism?08.04.2016
Andrzej WięckowskiEnumeration of states in multi-particle systems25.11.2015
jpgMartyna BiskupApproximation of PI value using arithmetic-geometric...06.11.2015
jpgpdfSebastian HaratykBiomathematics? What's that all about?23.10.2015
jpgpdfSebastian HaratykA biologist visits a mathematician, briefly about bi...09.10.2015
topics in the academic year 2014/2015
jpgAgnieszka MorawieckaCompatibility of two M-domains29.05.2015
Krzysztof SrokaWorking as risk analyst15.05.2015
pdfMarcin JenczmykWhy it's worth to choose your words carefully17.04.2015
Piotr IdzikAbout the nasty sequence of integrals27.03.2015
Jolanta MarzecAmazing L-functions19.12.2014
jpgMateusz SzymańskiGeometric interpretation of basic tools in functiona...21.11.2014
Beata ŁojanPyroTeXnic workshop - fifth meeting21.11.2014
Beata ŁojanPyroTeXnic workshop - fourth meeting14.11.2014
Beata ŁojanPyroTeXnic workshop - third meeting07.11.2014
jpgpdfdr Łukasz DawidowskiExtremly fancy equations30.10.2014
Beata ŁojanPyroTeXnic workshop - second meeting24.10.2014
Beata ŁojanPyroTeXnic workshop - first meeting17.10.2014
jpgPiotr IdzikCrandall-Rabinowitz theroem and its applications23.09.2014
topics in the academic year 2013/2014
Michał TrzęsiokSAGE workshop28.03.2014
Mateusz SzymańskiOn Axiom of Choice, part I28.02.2014
Sylvain PoirierCompleteness and incompleteness theorems in mathemat...20.12.2013
Witold SiedlaczekAbout Black-Scholes formula13.12.2013
Mateusz SzymańskiSome mathematical sophisms, part 222.11.2013
pdfMateusz SzymańskiPositional notation generalization25.10.2013
jpgPiotr IdzikMaxwell's equations and optical waveguides04.10.2013
topics in the academic year 2012/2013
Piotr IdzikDido's problem07.06.2013
jpgdr Adam KolanyM'am, what are these sines for? E.g. adventures of a...24.05.2013
jpgPaweł BialasQuantum mechanics26.04.2013
jpgJolanta MarzecRepresentation theory of finite groups05.04.2013
jpgPiotr IdzikA characterisation of the equilateral triangle25.03.2013
dr Sylvain PoirierModel Theory22.03.2013
pdfMateusz SzymańskiThe degree criterion of series convergence18.01.2013
topics in the academic year 2011/2012
dr Adam KolanyMeeting of the members-reanimators and more20.06.2012
Szymon DragaRegularity of the graphs of injective additive funct...10.05.2012
Piotr IdzikAttractors for semigroups in metric spaces10.05.2012
Prof. Wolfgang ReichelAnalysis speeds you up - the Brachistochrone problem10.05.2012
avijpgpdfMateusz SzymańskiIntroduction to fractional derivatives13.04.2012
avijpgPiotr IdzikObject-oriented programming 429.03.2012
jpgdr Michał TrzęsiokOn brave support vectors, which made the talker a do...27.03.2012
avijpgMateusz JurczyńskiOn von Neumann algebras20.01.2012
Jolanta MarzecIntroduction to SAGE13.01.2012
Piotr IdzikObject-oriented programming 312.01.2012
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekBanach algebras and spectral theory 406.01.2012
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekBanach algebras and spectral theory 316.12.2011
avijpgPiotr IdzikObject-oriented programming 209.12.2011
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekBanach algebras and spectral theory 202.12.2011
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekBanach algebras and spectral theory 125.11.2011
aviPiotr IdzikObject-oriented programming 118.11.2011
jpgpdfDaria MorysThe Fürstenberg topology and its applications16.11.2011
jpgdr Paweł GładkiMulti-valued addition? Why bother?!!15.11.2011
avijpgpdfTomasz KaniaOn the hyperstonean cover14.11.2011
jpgPiotr IdzikOn a certain programming trick28.10.2011
topics in the academic year 2010/2011
jpgdr Żywilla FechnerOn trigonometric identites07.06.2011
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekKrein-Milman theorem and its applications27.05.2011
jpgdr Tomasz KochanekHaar measure and integral13.05.2011
dr Tomasz KochanekComplex analysis 215.04.2011
Daria MorysA formula for the volume of a n-dimensional Euclidea...14.04.2011
dr Tomasz KochanekComplex analysis 108.04.2011
jpgdr Adam KolanySeeing the ω₁?05.04.2011
jpgMarcin JenczmykThe pi function25.03.2011
Adam WrzesińskiOn the Mullin-Rota theorem and binomial sequences11.03.2011
dr Michał MachuraLight in Galilean geometry13.01.2011
Rafał KucharskiOptions, martingales and facelifting04.01.2011
dr Tomasz KochanekProbability and measure17.12.2010
Jolanta MarzecTriangles and the principle of duality in Galilean g...16.12.2010
dr Tomasz KochanekCombinatorics 203.12.2010
Mateusz JurczyńskiGalilean geometry - introduction02.12.2010
dr Tomasz KochanekCombinatorics 126.11.2010
dr Tomasz KochanekClassical analysis19.11.2010
dr Tomasz KochanekLinear Algebra29.10.2010
aviMateusz JurczyńskiAnalytic models of the nine plane geometries28.10.2010
jpgmgr Michał TrzęsiokSupport vectors, hyperspace jumps and the discrimina...20.10.2010
dr Tomasz KochanekNumber Theory15.10.2010
jpgdr Michał MachuraNine plane geometries - what is it all about?14.10.2010
avijpgdr Tomasz KochanekA few extraordinary inequalities06.10.2010
topics in the academic year 2009/2010
Piotr IdzikA certain method of drawing the subsets of R³29.04.2010
Mikołaj StańczykLagrange theorem26.02.2010
jpgdr Marek SzyjewskiZołotarew and quadratic reciprocities19.01.2010
jpgJolanta MarzecThe Solovay-Strassen primality test17.12.2009
jpgWeronika SiwekCotangens and the Herglotz trick03.12.2009
jpgpdfTomasz KaniaMartin's Axiom19.11.2009
Weronika SiwekThe Lebesgue measure, I and II category sets, Borel ...29.10.2009
topics in the academic year 2008/2009
mgr Łukasz DawidowskiAn introduction to the functional equations25.03.2009
pdfTomasz KaniaBanach Limits12.12.2008
Piotr IdzikPrime number products and hypercubes17.10.2008
topics in the academic year 2006/2007
aviTomasz KochanekProofs from the Book: an example of the Erdős probab...09.05.2007
aviTomasz KochanekProofs from The Book25.04.2007
avijpgPola SiwekProofs from the Book: Chebyshev's polynomial theorem04.04.2007
aviŁukasz DawidowskiProofs from the Book: lines on the plane and graph d...21.03.2007
aviJoachim HorzelaProofs from the Book24.01.2007
aviAnna BieńProofs from the Book: Cayley's formula for the numbe...10.01.2007
avijpgRoksana PoliczewProofs from the Book: numbers as sums of two squares03.01.2007
avijpgTomasz KochanekProofs from The Book: Cotangens and the trick of Her...13.12.2006
aviGrzegorz BartoszProofs from the Book:Buffon's Needle Problem29.11.2006
Michał StolorzProofs from the Book15.11.2006
Pola SiwekProofs from the Book08.11.2006
Tomasz KochanekProofs from The Book25.10.2006
topics in the academic year 2003/2004
Tomasz KochanekHewitt spaces12.05.2004
Rafał KucharskiThe Sign Rule of Rene Descartes19.12.2003
Tomasz Kochanek,
Piotr Sulich
The Olympic Projection05.12.2003
topics in the academic year 2002/2003
mgr Michał MachuraSmall cardinal numbers06.05.2003
Włodzimierz FechnerThe marriages' lemma08.01.2003
Rafał KucharskiRamsey's numbers04.12.2002
topics in the academic year 2001/2002
Anna WojciechowskaŁukasiewicz many-valued logics23.05.2002
Rałał KucharskiDerivatives08.05.2002
mgr Tomasz BielaczycVitali's covering theorem10.04.2002
Paweł GładkiSimple finite groups25.02.2002
mgr Krzysztof Ole¶A certain method of calculating integrals08.01.2002
Paweł KozyraThe s-fields' power04.12.2001
Włodzimierz FechnerThe Hahn-Banach's theorem over the field of rationals06.11.2001
topics in the academic year 2000/2001
prof. Karol BaronFunctionals, whose Cauchy difference is bounded by a...22.01.2001
topics in the academic year 1999/2000
Angelika KurzyniecNon-standard analysis15.12.1999
mgr Michał BaczyńskiReasoning in conditions of uncertainty01.12.1999
Paweł GładkiContinued fractions24.11.1999
Tatiana KorzeniowskaLorentz's transform and its consequences for the ima...03.11.1999
Michał TrzęsiokQED - excerpts from Feynmann's book25.10.1999
Radosław WieczorekCounting necklaces13.10.1999
topics in the academic year 1998/1999
dr Irena WistubaUsefulness of statistics26.05.1999
Radosław CzajaQuick Fourier transform12.05.1999
prof. Janusz WywialStatistical methods in marketing research28.04.1999
Paweł GładkiThe role of typography and legibility of texts14.04.1999
dr Adam KolanyHerbrand's theorem, the resolution rule and automati...17.03.1999
Włodzimierz FechnerImpressions after the XII SMP03.03.1999
mgr Joanna NapiórkowskaHarmony around us17.02.1999
dr Janusz MorawiecSpectrogram - a mathematical image of sound13.01.1999
dr Marek SzyjewskiGenerating functions16.12.1998
Bibiana SonelskaParadoxical ball division04.11.1998
Tatiana KorzeniowskaHoliday memories21.10.1998
Michał TrzęsiokDoes an electron exists? - Bell's inequalities06.10.1998
topics in the academic year 1997/1998
mgr Adam WesołowskiSimilarities between inner product spaces26.05.1998
prof. Mieczysław KulaCodes, coding, data packing20.04.1998
pdfPaweł GładkiHilbert's program24.03.1998
dr Krzysztof KoziołInternet? The hell?!03.03.1998
dr Adam KolanyA few open problems of quite elementary mathematics17.02.1998
Radosław CzajaWild west and Steiner's theorems15.01.1998
dr Marek SzyjewskiA certain interesting formula18.12.1997
mgr Tomasz PowierżaMartin Gardner - a mathemagician04.12.1997
Tatiana KorzeniowskaHamel bases20.11.1997
dr Adam KolanyOrdinal numbers' arithmetic20.10.1997
dr Adam KolanyOrdinal numbers. Trans-finite induction16.10.1997
dr Marek WojtylakRecognition through statistics02.10.1997
topics in the academic year 1996/1997
dr Krzysztof ŁoskotOrder born from chaos, i.e. modelling biological phe...08.06.1997
mgr Joanna NapiórkowskaFrom complex numbers to the Cayley octonions03.04.1997
dr Adam KolanyThe School of Object Mathematics - presentation of m...20.03.1997
mgr Jarosław JabłonkaPragmatics of the natural language20.02.1997
Tatiana KorzeniowskaAlice in the Matheland - logic antynomies16.01.1997
mgr Tomasz Powierża(Almost) everything you always wanted to know about ...12.12.1996
dr Marek SzyjewskiNew number theory: ciphers, codes and spies21.11.1996
dr Adam KolanyThe founders' meeting - Smullyan's logic puzzles24.10.1996
Rafał Kucharski " Sprawozdanie ze Szkoły Matematyki Pogl?dowej."
prof. dr hab. Roman Ger "Ci?gło?ć funkcjonałów wypukłych a pewien problem Mazura z Księgi Szkockiej."
Krzysztof Ole? " Wokół twierdzenia Helly'ego"
Włodzimierz Fechner "O sprawiedliwym podziale funduszy"
Wojciech Biegier " Rozmyte podejmowanie decyzji."
prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Szymiczek "Krzywe eliptyczne"
dr Adam Kolany "Wspomnienia z wakacji. Spotkanie organizacyjne."
prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Kula " Dowody o wiedzy zerowej"
dr Marek Szyjewski "Szyfry, kody i szpiedzy II"


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