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The 5th Pi Day
Katowice, March 14-15th 2011

Many thanks
We would like to give our "thank you" to the research workers of the Institute of Mathematics of University of Silesia, who gave their lectures during this year's Pi Days:

Professor Ryszard Rudnicki;
Professor Wojciech Dzik;
Doctor Anna Szczerba-Zubek;
Doctor Jolanta Sobera;
Doctor Żywilla Fechner;
Doctor Piotr Janoska;

Doctor Tomasz Kochanek, the Tutor of the Students Mathematical Society of US - for leading a cycle of workshops, giving a lecture, writing an article to the special issue of [Macierzator] and for overall support.

Mrs Aleksandra Kaptur - for everything. For helping, for hurrying us up, for saving us in emergency situations, for several months of work during the organisation of this year's Pi Days.

It's hard to name all the students and doctoral students who took part in the organisation of Pi Days, but we will try to:

The Society's president, Mateusz Jurczyński - with thanks for a broad and varied contribution: leading a lecture, author's competition Pilionerzy, article for [Macierzator] (of which he is the lead redactor), decorating the Institute, representing in the Radio Katowice audition, a countless number of interviews... ;)

Doctoral student Łukasz Dawidowski - the good spirit of every activity in the Institute of Mathematics, Pi Days included - for everything: help, support, getting everything done, organising, watching, representing at the press conference, leading the media attraction - the Buffon experiment - we could go on and on.

Doctoral student Michał Stolorz - without whom it's hard to imagine the Pi Days - for another year, when he agreed to fly from Scotland especially for the 14th of March to lead a lecture, for full photographic documentary, for the Pi Days webpage.

Marek Biedrzycki - for encryption workshops and Tour de Science, which this year was organised solely by him and

Weronika Siwek - who, despite being now in Amsterdam, still takes part in Society's activities.

Szymon Draga - for the workshops and an article for Macierzator.

Piotr Idzik - for the lecture, workshops and an article for Macierzator.

Jolanta Marzec - for the origami workshops and an article for Macierzator.

We would also like to thank the leaders of workshops:
msc. Wojciech Bielas
Joanna Frank
Agnieszka Gabrysiak
Anna Jacek
Marcin Jenczmyk
Beata Łojan
msc. Radosław Łukasik
Barbara Małek
Magdalena Nowak
Agnieszka Ociepka
Agnieszka Olejniczak
Małgorzata Pakuła
Maria Popiół
Agnieszka Piszczek
Konrad Ploch
Anita Sendor
Magdalena Sitko
Mikołaj Stańczyk
Justyna Świątkowska
Aleksandra Wąż
Sabina Wrońska

Every year someone has to thank in the name of everyone else - this year it's my pleasure to do so. I hope I did not omit anybody, if however it happened, please contact me at: j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl.

And as I have the pleasure of translating all these thanks and the privilege of being the Society's president, I would like to add here this extra paragraph, that good manners would not allow Joanna to add herself - I would like to thank Joanna Zwierzyńska for all her extensive work, maintaining and supervising everything, for her help during the organisation, for the special issue of Macierzator, which she helped immensely to create, for the inspiration she gave to some of us and the metaphorical kick in the nether regions she gave to the others (when it was absolutely necessary, of course), for representing us at the press conference, at the Radio Katowice audition and during various interviews, for taking care of the Pi Days and Society's webpage... The list goes on for, like, forever, so let me just sum it up by - THANK YOU, Ania :-)
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