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The 6th Pi Day
Katowice, March 14-15th 2012

There were almost fifty people participating in the organisation of the mathematical part of this year's Pi Days, of whom almost everybody are students - thank you. Thanks to each and every one of you:

To Professor Tomasz Połacik - for giving the inaugural talk in the Institute of Mathematics;

To Doctor Tomasz Kochanek, the Tutor of the Students' Mathematical Society US - for giving the central talk during the second Pi Day;

To Doctor Jolanta Sobera - for giving an annual talk, which became an integral part of the celebration;

To Ms Aleksandra Hankus - for almost a full year of work on this year's edition of the Pi Days, for gluing things together, organising and saving us;

To Beata Łojan - for extensive, extensive organisational work, exceptional compilation of [Macierzator] and the schedules in TeX, for preparing the Crossword competition and leading and creating the polytopes workshops;

To Łukasz Dawidowski - for his calmness, composure and action, for extensive organisational work, for representing us in the radio and on a press conference, for keeping watch on everything;

To Michał Stolorz - who watched over us from Aberdeen - for everything. For the swietopi.pl website, for support, for urging us and taking care of us... Too many things to count them all;

To Weronika Siwek and Marek Biedrzycki - for workshops on classical encryption methods and organisation of Tour de Science;

To Mateusz Jurczyński - for an article to [Macierzator] and preparing questions to the Pillionaire competition;

To Szymon Draga - for giving a talk and tutoring in the Scotch Cafe;

To Piotr Idzik - for giving a talk, having his author workshops on POV-Ray and writing an article for [Macierzator];

To Sabina Wrońska - for great support and having her author workshops on algorithms;

To Konrad Jałowiecki - for hosting the Pillionaire competition;

To Mikołaj Stańczyk, Justyna ¦wi±tkowska, Monika Wierzba, Klaudia Kleczkowska and Kacper Jaworski - for running the Casino;

To Magdalena Nowak - for giving a talk, writing an article for [Macierzator] and helping in the Scotch Cafe;

To Magdalena Sitko, Agnieszka Piszczek and Zuzanna Kędzior - for helping in the Scotch Cafe;

To Anna Jacek, Barbara Małek, Tina Kubica, Aleksandra Bednarczyk, Anna Kleszcz and Marcin Jenczmyk - for running the Jigsaws & Puzzles workshops;

To Paweł Zwoleński - for tutoring in the Scotch Cafe;

To Marcin Graniczny and Mateusz Szymański - for running the workshops from fractals;

To Adam Wrzesiński and Michał JaĽwiec - for their work at the information post;

To Angelika Okrzesik and Karolina Kubica - for their help with recording the talks;

To Alicja ¦więty-Po¶piech, Błażej Po¶piech and Kajetan Koperwas - for their great help in decorating the Institute the evening before the Pi Days and in cleaning up after them.

As usually, one person thanks in the name of all others - this time I do it. I hope I didn't omit anybody, if it however happened, please contact me at: j.zwierzynska@knm.katowice.pl.


And I will again use my translator privileges to give our sincerest thanks to Joanna Zwierzyńska, who was the link joining all different branches of the Society working on the Pi Days. Thank you for keeping the whip above us, telling us what to do, telling us what NOT to do and keeping track of everything.
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